New Fashion Design for Smart Automation Control - AU5871A – Austar

AU5871A luminaire is made of five parts:
THE FINIAL TOP  in made of aluminium(steel) sheet,stamped out in one piece,welded to the dome.
THE DOME  is made of aluminium(steel) sheet.stamped out in one piece,4pcs fixed together, once removed the dome and control gear are easily attained.
THE FRAME of the luniaire is made up of 3 parts,a quare ring in aluminium(steel) sheet supported by 4 ribs in aluminium(steel)sheet fixed to the base flange,mounting for 26mm held.
THE OPTICAL BLOCK is make up of 3 parts fixed together so as to obtain a high degree of protection.
A control gear on the CDG steel sheet,once removed the dome and the finial top,the control gear are easily attained.
The diffuser in opal,clear,frost methacrylate.
A reflector made in CDG sttel sheet(IP33),OR the reflector in pure aluminium,stamped out in one piece and anodized which is fixed on the CDG sttel sheet and a clear tempered glass in sealed directly to the reflector by means of silicon seal insuring a high degree of protection(IP65),the control gear is placed around the reflector.
THE BASE FLANGE is steel piping welded to one steel ring,top mounting for 26mm.
The steel or aluminium sheet body on request.
Painted by polyester powder,color on request.
IP33,Optical block IP65 on request.
2 Joules(polycarbonate diffuser)

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